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Scrunchies for a Cause


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My name is Karen Belleque and I teach 2nd grade at a local elementary school. 

My class is made of 20 hardworking low-income students who represent eight different cultures.  They are trying their best to learn every day and overcome their adversities.  One area that has been hit hard by the pandemic is their social-emotional wellbeing.  A way to reach these students is through books based on social-emotional topics.  Unfortunately, my classroom library does not have many and we are not allowed to use our school library right now. 

During the months of April and May I will be selling handmade velvet scrunchies to help purchase social-emotional books for my students.  When you purchase a set of handmade velvet scrunchies I will be able to purchase a book for my class to enjoy. 

Please partner with me in providing the books my students need.  My handmade velvet scrunchies are exclusively available at A Little Knitty. 

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