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Coiled Yarn Bowl

Have that one lone pretty skein you don’t know what to do with or have some leftover yarns that are too pretty to toss? Well, come use it in a coiled bowl. We take cotton cording and wrap it with yarn, coil the cording to the shape we want, secure it with a figure 8 stitch every ½ inch or so, and repeat. Before you know it, you will have a beautiful bowl. This little bowl will probably inspire you to make more in different sizes and shapes. Or turn a bowl into a basket. We will also discuss ways to add handles and embellishments. What cool gifts these make!

Bring to class: 150 to 200 yards of DK or worsted yarn (may be multiple yarns in multiple colors), tapestry needle with large eye, scissors

We Provide: cotton cording, hand outs and 3 hours classtime

Skill Level:
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Teresa Waldo

Coiled Yarn Bowl

$ 60.00
Sun, Jul 28, 2024 at Noon to 3:00 pm
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