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Felted Baskets (Felting by Hand)

Felted Baskets (Felting by Hand) - $30 – 3 Hours – Instructor: Sandy Buzzelli

Sunday, October 13th Noon to 3pm

You’ll never run out of uses for this adorable little felted basket!  It's perfect for holding jewelry, keys, business cards or your favorite candy.  Tucked near your knitting spot, it's an especially pretty way to keep your knitting notions handy.

The basket knits up very quickly and easily, and felting it by hand gives it a classic, finished look.

You'll be knitting your basket on your own before class meets so that we'll be ready to jump right in to exploring in-depth how to felt by hand (vs. felting in a washing machine).

Please note:  felting by hand is a mildly physical activity.  It involves standing, bending over a sink, and lifting a large bowl of water.  In addition, we’ll be swishing our knitted baskets in hot water for up to 30 minutes (with the opportunity to take short rests if needed).  Please be sure you’re physically ready to felt by hand.

Prerequisite:  you should know how to cast on, knit, pick up stitches and bind off.

1 skein Malabrigo Worsted

Malabrigo Worsted felts very easily and quickly by hand, ensuring a positive in-class experience as you explore the art of felting by hand. While many other yarns are suitable for felting, they can take more time and energy to felt by hand than is available during our class time.

 Avoid the following colors/shades: white, cream, pale shades.

 One basket uses approximately 35-50 grams of yarn, so you will be able to make 2-3 baskets from one skein of Malabrigo Worsted.


 US 10.5 16 inch circular needles

Notions and Other Supplies

 ring stitch marker, darning needle, tape measure and scissors

 Playtex-type dishwashing gloves (to protect your hands from hot water)

 2-3 small towels


 Special Companions by Janet Scanlon (see next page for pattern).

Please knit your basket before class.

Special Companions by Janet Scanlon

Cast on 16 stitches using your preferred cast on method, and knit 20 rows (10 garter-stitch ridges).

Knit one more row.

Note: when picking up stitches, it's typical to insert the right needle under two strands of yarn, but for this basket, insert the right needle under just one strand of yarn.

Pick up 10 stitches along the first side edge, 16 stitches along the cast on edge, and 10 stitches along the second side edge.

Place a marker, and knit around on 52 stitches for 4.5 inches.

Bind off loosely.

Weave in ends.

Skill Level:
Instructor Name:
Sandy Buzzelli

Felted Baskets (Felting by Hand)

$ 30.00
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