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Frequently Asked Questions...
Q: What cruise line is this anyway?
A: Celebrity Cruises on the Edge. You can view a cool video tour of the boat click here
Q: Where does it go?
A: It leaves from Seattle, Washington on Friday, June 27th 2025 and goes to Ketchikan, Skagway, Endicott Arm (cruise by to see glaciers), Juneau, Victoria and back to Seattle, Washington on Friday July 4th 2025. 
Q: What Is included?
A: Room for 7 nights, 24/7 food, classic drink package, basic wifi, taxes, three excursions to yarn shops, mini workshops with Jamie Lomax on sea days, daily Sit-n-Stitch at Sea, swag bag and are all included!

Q: What about gratuities, those are usually included
A: They are not included, it will be $126 charged to your card for gratuities at the end of the cruise. 
Q: What excursions are included?
A: We will host an excursion to yarn shops in Ketchikan, Skagway and Juneau. We will escort you so you don't have to figure out how to get there, plan some surprises and get you back to the cruise ship (or you can explore the town for a bit and we will give you info on how to get back). If you would like to do a different paid excursion or go off on your own, that is TOTALLY fine (please note: there is not a credit if you don't attend)! You are also welcome to stay on the boat and enjoy the empty ship!
Q: Who will be teaching the workshops?
A: We are thrilled to announce that Jamie Lomax from Pacific Knit Co will be leading our workshop!! We will have other magical knitting faries who will be helping too!
Q: Will there be classes every day?
A: Our biggest workshop day will be Day 2 when we are at sea, but it won't be an all day thing. We are still waiting for information on class space, so the exact length of the workshop can't be announced right this moment but we will update this as soon as we know. We will kick off every morning of the cruise with Breakfast and stitching in the buffet. We will let you know where we will be meeting and we will save tables for everyone interested in joining. If you don't want to join us for breakfast, just let us know! We will host Sit-n-Stitches every day, but they aren't mandatory (locations to be announced). We want you to be able to enjoy everything the boat has to offer with each other! 
Q: Will we always be a group?
A: No! Although we will announce where we will be for some meals, you are not required to join us if you want to do your own thing or sleep in or go to bed early! We do encourage you to join us for our meet & greet the first day to get all the information and meet everyone in our group (please bring significant others too!! It's nice to put a face and name to each of you!) We also encourage you to attend any group meals we announce and our Yarny Party. There may be times that we offer options to sit-n-stitch in a bar OR go watch a pick what sounds fun or pick your own thing! We highly recommend breaking off into smaller groups if that feels more comfortable...this is YOUR vacation, we are here to enhance it! Sometimes smaller groups for dinner goes SO much faster than large groups.
Q: What are the other costs?
A: The only other costs you will see are if you spend any money off the ship, purchase things on the ship(we will have some pop up shops with yarnie vendors!), gambling or extra excursions. If none of that stuff interests you...there will be NO other charges than your initial charge
Q: What is included in the Classic Beverage Package?
A: All sodas, juices and alcoholic beverages up to $10. You want a fancier drink? You just pay the difference.
Q: Is this just for knitting?
A: The core project is knit, but we welcome crocheters who want to up their knitting game. We recommend you know how to knit, purl, cast on and bind off. At our Sit-n-Stitches both crafts are welcome!!
Q: What should I bring?
A: This is a multi-part answer!
   #1. Clothes 
                - A Light Jacket that is water resistant with a hood or consider bringing an umbrella.
                - A swim suit if you want to visit the indoor pool or hot tubs (we can figure out how to knit in the pool!)
                - 1 or 2 dressy dresses/outfits. There are 2 dressy nights, they aren't super fancy but do require more than t-shirts and shorts! If you don't dig the idea of dressing up there are other dinner options like the buffet that don't require it!
                - Comfortable walking shoes (we do a LOT of walking around the boat and on port days).
                - YOUR KNIT WEAR!!! We will have show & tell and it's just so fun to show off your hard work. It's also nice to wrap up in knitwear when we watch the glacier go by.
                - Plan to wear layers. The weather can be unpredictable, plan for the unexpected.
                - Don't be afraid to repeat outfits...sometimes it feels like you wear one thing to breakfast (my jammies, not gonna lie) another thing to lunch (t-shirt and jeans) and another to dinner (fancy dress) so go ahead and repeat's not like you wore it very long
                - If you need to know the rules on how many bags you can have, check out the Celebrity website! 
   #2. Other Random Things
                - Stuff to decorate your door! Door Decorating is super fun to do (all you need are some magnets or maybe a white board??) it's also a nice way to find your room when you have had a drink or two! This is NOT mandatory...just fun!
                - No need to bring a hair dryer (they supply one), but you'll want to bring anything else that you use on the daily that might include makeup, hairspray and whatever else you need to survive!
Q: Besides the above, what should I bring?
A: My cruise essentials bag includes the following:
- binoculars
- spray wrinkle release (for clothes, not my face)
- antihistamines
- pain relievers
- tums
- melatonin
- motion sickness patches/Pills/Wristbands
- magnetic hooks (the walls are magnetic, which makes these awesome)
- badge holders (you need your room key on you always)
- a plastic rain poncho
- Band-Aids
- extra medications I take just in case
- Toilet spray (everyone poops)
- pharmacy items on the boat are kinda expensive!!! there is a shuttle to walmart in Ketchikan if you need it!
Q: Is there anything I shouldn't pack?
A: Irons, steamers, extension cords, drugs, weapons, hard alcohol (you are allowed to bring a bottle of wine, see the Celebrity website for more details on that one!)
Q: What are we knitting in the workshop? I don't like surprises
A: We can't tell you everything, but it will be a cowl and we will give you the exact supply list as we get closer. Don't worry, we got you!!
Q: Can I bring extra projects?
A: Yes! We suggest 1 project that you can do while talking/drinking, and maybe another just in case!! We won't officially cast on our cruise project until the morning of Day bring something fun to work on for Day 1!! And don't panic, we will have pop-up shops ON the ship and we will be visiting 3 yarn will be ok if you bring 1 small project with ya! But we fully understand the need to pack 12 projects for a 2 day trip! Do what is best for you!
Q: Can I bring a significant other/family member?
A: Yes! You can bring as many people as you would like. If you want to get a quote for more than 2 people in a room, just let us know! Non-Knitting companions will receive a discount of $300 as they will not be attending the workshops/events/sit-n-stitch/swag bag. Non-knitting companions are welcome to join us for any and all meals, our day 1 meet & greet, and excursions. There may be special events set up for non-knitting companions, but we will announce those on the cruise. Non-knitting companions will find LOTS of fun things to do around the ship!!
Q: I am traveling alone, but want a roommate...can I do that?
A: Yes! We can match you up with someone! Just let us know!
Q: I have a special diet, what do I do?
A: Just let Mara at the travel agency know! Every restaurant has such a great selection of foods, even if you have restrictions you will find something you like!!
Q: What if I don't drink?
A: You don't have to drink alcohol at all. The Classic Beverage package covers sodas and juices too! We do ask if you are drinking that you make good decisions and know your limit!
Q: What if I prefer to avoid getting up early or staying up late to go to events?
A: We understand! You aren't required to attend and we welcome you to take some quiet time or break off into smaller groups and enjoy something you like (the cruise ship has SO many activities like trivia, karaoke, exercise classes and's awesome to grab some new fiber friends and give something a try!) Impromptu SIt-n-Stitches all over the boat are encouraged!! 
Q: What dinning option should I pick?
A: We picked the early 6pm dining so that we can go to the show that is later in the evening. Our tables might not be right next to each other, but we will try to make that happen if you pick the 6pm time as well. This boat doesn't have a Main Dining Room, but various different restaurants that each have a distinct menu PLUS they share the same main menu. It's a pretty cool set up!
Q: I have to have a CPAP, what do I do?
A: Carry it on and request distilled water from your room steward
Q: Will we have a call or anything before the cruise?
A: Yes! We will host a few informational zoom meetings and get to know you zooms as well as start a FB Group for us to chat. We will also host a KAL! PLEASE be patient as all of this will NOT be announced the first week but WILL be given to you in time!
Q: What happens if I call the CRUISE SHIP a boat?
A: I lwas told that if you call it a boat, the cruise captain may threaten to throw you overboard....learn from me!
Q: Do I need a passport
A: A passport is STRONGLY encouraged! You can use an Enhanced Drivers License, but technically if you were in Canada and needed to be flown would need a passport to do that. Since we do have a port stop in Canada, the travel advisor advises a Passport.