The Laundress has arrived

I have been on the hunt for the perfect wool wash. I had pretty much made my mind up (because this one smelled like HEAVEN!!!!!) Then I watched the Battle of the Wool Washes by Ewe University. I picked my team before the battle started and I cheered them on!

I picked my team before the battle started and I cheered them on!

But wouldn't you know...they just did not stack up on game day! A wool wash I knew nothing about did I sought out to find it.


I wanted to sniff it, use it, see how long the scent lasted, etc. Now, the ONE draw back is that there is one scent and only one's a fantastic cedar that isn't too overpowering and lingers only slightly on your knitwear, but does a GREAT job at getting stains out with no agitation (very important in our hand knits!!!). They do not have a scent free...but I will have a tester in the shop so you can test out the smell, and many of the knits in the shop have been soaked in this stuff.

My BIGGEST factor in deciding what comes into the shop is the best quality of product at a good price. I really expected it to be considerably more expensive than the contenders...but it was very comparable to the others..I was impressed.

Second factor in deciding what comes into the shop is good customer service. Let me tell you...this company has the BEST customer service I have encountered. I was very impressed.

Last thing I really take into account is supporting small businesses. Although they are growing...this is a woman run business that really has it figured out.

The Laundress has a full line of soaps and washes for EVERYTHING around the house...but we have the wool wash, wool spray & sweater comb.

Come in and check out the Laundress...your hand knits will thank you! :)

P.S. if you geek out over the science of will LOVE Ewe University on YouTube!!!!!!! Check her out below (the battle is near the end of the podcast)


This episode is about the properties of wool and appropriate methods for laundering your wool garments. I do a lab test of 10 wool washes -- watch to see which ones were the best and which were the worst at cleaning stains. LINKS TO PRODUCTS SHOWN: Mint Rain Yarn: Nicole C.




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