Knitting for Charity - Purple Crying Caps

Over the last week, I have been tagged in multiple Facebook stories about an Oklahoma hospital looking for purple infant caps. At first, I assumed it was something I was late to find out about (like the adorable penguin sweaters...I was really late to that one!)...and they probably had enough caps...but the more I looked into it, I found it's a current news story and they are looking for caps all over the place. So I did some research and wanted to share it with followers of our shop!

Keep reading below for more information on Click for Babies and how you can get involved!!


What is CLICK for Babies?

A grassroots campaign that invites knitters and those who crochet across North America to make purple
colored baby caps which will be delivered to families in November and December alongside the Period
of PURPLE Crying program.

What’s in a Name: Why “CLICK” forBabies?

The name comes from the well-known “clicking” sound that knitters and crafters make with their needles as
they create their works of art. Also, much of the campaign’s excitement and awareness is generated through
social media when people “click” the keys on their computers to gain and share information.

The Goal

The goal of the CLICK for Babies campaign is to increase awareness and educate others about
the Period of PURPLE Crying that all infants go through, how to respond to prolonged crying, and the
importance of never shaking your child - all in an effort to prevent the shaking and abuse of infants.
How CLICK for Babies Raises Awareness

Participants are encouraged to KNIT one cap, TELL two people and GIVE three dollars. This will
increase awareness of the Period of PURPLE Crying and help to prevent shaken baby syndrome.

KNIT 1: The purple caps serve as a visual reminder of the Period of PURPLE Crying - when caregivers
see the purple cap, they remember what they learned about normal early, increased crying. The caps
also help to remind caregivers to look back at the educational materials they were given in the hospital.
TELL 2: It starts conversations in the community - whether it’s between crafters, volunteers, or on social
media, CLICK gets people talking about the Period of PURPLE Cryingand SBS/AHT prevention.
GIVE 3: Monetary donations will be used to help prevent shaken baby syndrome and improve the
overall care of infants.

Parents select their favorite hat from the dozens that are on display in their birth centers. The most popular hats have common characteristics. These guidelines will increase the likelihood of YOUR hat going home with a family.

YARN: Hats that are either KNITTED or CROCHETED will need to be made with new, clean,SOFT-TO-THE-TOUCH and WASHABLE yarn.

“VALUE” yarns are sometimes scratchy and tend not to be selected by new parents. Test softness on your cheek if you’re unsure!

SIZE: Of the THOUSANDS of beautifully hand crafted PURPLE caps that are donated each year, many hundreds cannot be used because the size is either too big or too small. These hats will be worn by 1 or 2 day old infants. The average newborn head circumference is 14” (13”– 15”) and hats should be approximately 4-6“ high. For further sizing instructions, please check our SIZING GUIDELINES.

For further sizing instructions, please check our SIZING GUIDELINES.

COLOR: Hats NEED to be 50% or more of any shade of PURPLE (for the Period of PURPLE Crying).
Please help us meet families' requests for more "BOY-FRIENDLY" hats by considering patterns with darker purples, and stripes of blue, orange, or gray.

STYLE: Please use EITHER: all Gender-Neutral (Unisex) styles and colors OR: an equal number of Girl-Friendly and Boy-Friendly styles and colors.

SAFETY: Please help us keep babies safe from choking and strangulation risks: PLEASE DO NOT ATTACH DECORATIONS: pom-poms, tassels, straps, bows, ribbons, buttons, etc.

WARMTH: These hats keep babies’ heads warm outdoors during the colder winter months. Smaller stitches result in a warmer hat. The large, loose stitches (typically made by looms) tend not to provide enough warmth.

LOOMS: This type of knitting is allowed, but should be used with caution. Please ensure that the caps are not too LOOSE or too TIGHT for a comfortable fit around the baby’s head.

For a more detailed pdf about the charity, please go here:

For great free patterns, go here:




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