Knitters Pride Needle Tasting

We love events at A Little Knitty. It's always fun to sit around with people who fully understand your obsession with yarn AND share the obsession too! :)

This needle tasting was brought to us by Knitters Pride & Universal Yarn.


So, I just noticed this....but I snapped this photo AFTER the party was over....and the information sheet does NOT match what is in the bag....but you get the idea of the setup and the fact that I'm a total cheater!!!! :) Those needles are Karbons Double Pointed needles and the yarn is Dona :)

At the beginning of the evening, Jen presented the different needle types that Knitters Pride Offers.

  • Bamboo – Made from Japanese Bamboo
  • Naturalz – Laminated Undyed Birch Wood
  • Dreamz – Same wood as the Naturalz, but in Vivid lustrous colors and size specific shades
  • Karbonz – Made with Carbon Fiber with Chrome Plated Brass Tips
  • Symfonie Cubics – Made with symfonie wood in rose, all needles have a four-sided section that gradually tapers. Unique ergonomic shape provides comfort to the hand.
  • Nova Platina – Engineered from hollow brass pipes and plated with high-quality chrome.
  • Nova Cubics Platina – If cubics and platina had a baby, this would be it. The construction of the Nova Platina with the shape of the cubics
  • Royale – The luxury collection. Colored Symfonie Wood Needles with Brass tips. And cord spins on the fixed needles.

After a short Show & Tell.....everyone dove into one of the 10 stations to try the needles and yarns for themselves!




Some lounged while stitching! :)

We sure know how to party on a Friday night! Stay tuned....we might have to repeat this event in the future because it was so fun!

What is your favorite Knitter's Pride Needle?




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