Chris Pompom Hat


This hat pattern includes two styles. The first is ribbed all the way to the top and cinched, the second has a ribbed brim and decreases more slowly.

Because of the quick decrease on the first version, you will not need double pointed needles to complete the hat, but you will need them to create the pompom.

The grey version was knit using one ball of Uptown Worsted and the dark teal version was knit using one ball of Simplicity by HiKoo. You may need more or less yarn depending on how much slouch you like.

The pompom is a knit pompom because I LOVE the look of fur pompoms but had a hard time paying lots of money for them. By knitting them myself I can decide how much stuffing I would like them to have and I can tack down parts of the pompom when I attach it to the hat and then it doesn't bobble around so much. Use any novelty fur you like!

You can find it on Ravelry here:


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