A Little Knitty Podcast - Episode 9 - June 9th

A yarnie podcast about all things yarn that are happening inside A Little Knitty Yarn Shop! Show Notes:

Show Notes (also known as links to patterns I talk about):

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Ready to go "awwwwwwwwwww"


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Our latest newsletter is now available! It includes new additions to the shop, free knitting patterns, our schedule for classes, information about Stitch n Pitch, our latest yarn bomb and even a recipe for a sidedish on those nights where the kitchen is just too hot to cook in!

Please enjoy!


It's no surprise....I love me some Ewe Ewe Yarn! I know I gush about it a lot, but the bounce and twist on this yarn is beyond fantastic. AND it happens to make the best brioche projects!!! This fall I'm sure this will be offered as a class, but if you are looking for some amazing patterns to pair with Ewe Ewe yarns....keep reading!


The Wild Fiber Cowl is a GREAT place to start if you want to do brioche! You can purchase the pattern here:

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We have something to celebrate this weekend....A SUNNY MEMORIAL DAY IN WASHINGTON STATE!

To celebrate, we will have extended hours AND a sale on Friday (so you can get any yarns you need for your long weekend) and be closed on Saturday!!!

Friday hours: 10am to 8pm

Take 20% off all knitters pride needles and 20% off all delicious yarns!!!!!! Plus a FREE shawl pattern with the purchase of 2 delicious yarns!
Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!!!

Check it out!!

A Little Knitty Podcast Episode 8

Works in Progress, Finished Objects, New Yarn, My tips for knitting, and a funny story

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I love stumbling upon beautiful patterns! Today I fell in love with this one AND it is 30% off!!!! Grab yours at a discount while you can (no coupon code is needed....but I don't think it will be discounted for long!!!)


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Have you taken part in rock painting? Many of my friends have been painting up rocks and hiding them all over the area. It's super fun when you stumble upon a beautiful rock during a can't help but smile! You can take the rocks and post them on social media or you can re-hide them...whatever floats your boat!!

A wonderful friend of mine created these lovely rocks that I hid outside my shop today


If you find any of these sure to share them at

Happy Rock Hunting!!!

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I realize there is some debate out there whether bees need saving...however after doing a little research, it's a project I really wanted to take part in.

It all started when a wonderful customer offered to crochet a yarn bomb for outside the shop. She came up with the honeycomb idea and I just thought it was adorable!!!


It got me can we tie the theme into a way for the shop to give back. That's when I started researching bees.

U.S. National Agricultural Statistics show a honey bee decline from about 6 million hives in 1947 to 2.4 million hives in 2008, a 60 percent reduction. ... In the U.S. — among crops that require bee pollination — the number of bee colonies per hectare has declined by 90 percent since 1962. -

Honeybees are dying off at an incredibly disturbing rate. Colony collapse disorder (CCD), a condition where bees stray from the hive and never find their way back, is nixing millions of nature's pollinators every year. Not only do the bees abandon their hive, but the queen and the brood as well. Unnatural? Unheard of? Even the predators that usually raid the hive for honey stay far away. At first, this occurrence sounds like an urban legend or an exaggerated tale. Except it’s not. The situation is both dire and all too real. -


So, beginning June 1st, 2017 we will be selling these cute cards in the shop!


100% of the proceeds from the card sales will be donated to North West Honey Bee Habitat Restoration

HABITAT RESTORATION: We focus primarily on the front unused grass strip in front of residential areas along the sidewalk and road and can transform the unproductive grass into pesticide free honeybee and pollinator-friendly habitat. We can plant a variety of different plants depending on what the resident prefers but primarily focus on lavender due to its hardiness, drought tolerance, pest resistance, it's easy to grow, it is beautiful planted in rows as pollinator pathways and ultimately it has a long bloom time which provides important pollinator forage. -

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We are making Christmas Stockings!!! In this 2 part class we will plan and create a christmas stocking! This is a great class for someone interested in how to make socks....we do everything you do to create a sock....just bigger!!! You will need 300 yards of worsted weight yarn, in a couple colors, US&-16" circular needles, US7 Double pointed needles, tapestry needle and scissors.

Please note: this is a two part class that will meet Saturday, July 22nd AND 29th from 10am to Noon or Thursday, July 6th AND 13th from 6pm to 8pm

Class is $40

To register: Email or call 206.659.5987

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